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    Ilona Bezema

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    Hi, my name is Ilona

    I am a holistic therapist, yoga teacher and bodyworker and I am devoted in guiding de-armouring, tantric de-armouring, Stress & Trauma Releasing Experience (STRE) and Wataflow.

    My passion is to support you to open up and to (re)connect you to your body, help to transform patterns, blockages, belief systems and trauma, so you can live your life in its full potential.

    I believe that all power comes from within, from the source. Not from within you as an individual being, but from your spirit that is connected to the center of the universe. All the power in your life comes through you. There is nothing outside of you that has any power over you.


    You're invited to this sacred journey into your body and its story. To deeply connect with your body in a sacred and safe space where you can throw out emotional ballast, (re)discover who you are, and where you can consciously come into contact with yourself. I would love to support you in opening these doors, to awaken your senses. To remind you who you truly are, so you can live the life you desire.

    With love & gratitude,

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  • Your Journey starts here

    "We are in this life experience and cannot escape it.

    So let's heal your wounds and trauma's, grow and enjoy and live the life that you desire."

  • De-armouring

    A deep dive into the wisdom of your body


    De-armouring is about giving space and releasing emotional and physical armour that we collect throughout life. Armour is every blockage in your body that is withholding the connection with your body. This makes you less sensitive and is affecting your life or sexual expression. Any kind of unwanted experience, stressful situation or traumatic experience is stored in the body as tension or cramp. Very often the tension or cramp is not released in the moment of experience and creates contracted tissue. So it stays in your system and is affecting your daily life. De-armouring is freeing yourself from the emotional and physical pain.

    During de-armouring we work with the painbody. The painbody is spread over the entire physical body. It includes all the pain and trauma in your system. Your body knows exactly what to do to go back to the natural state of relaxation. However, sometimes we are no longer able to do this ourselves due to traumas, patterns, triggers and stress. In the sessions I focus on a safe and sacred space in which I welcome all and everything you are. I scan your body and can feel and see where armour is stored. De-armouring helps your body to release the contraction by giving space to release tension and cramp and the emotions which are held within. De-armouring transforms the painbody and gives it space to heal. During the sessions I invite your body to open up to the pain and expose it. I invite you to breathe into the areas where your feel pain or tension and move until the energy dissolves and disappears.


    De-armouring is a combination of triggerpoint therapy, energy (meridian)work, Reiki, breath, sound and muscle stretching. I work in a holistic and shamanic way with your body. De-armouring works with the outside of the body by pressure on various points on your body. It is a soft yet profound method to relax and open your body, so the stored blockages, tension, pain, or emotional trauma can be released in a loving and caring way. Instead of breaking or pushing you through armour, I invite your body to open up. Always with respect to you and your body. Connecting to these areas allows you to give space to all the emotions, words and movements that were suppressed. De-armouring brings loving attention to areas of tension, numbness and disconnection. It's about welcoming the rejected parts of you that want to be expressed and integrated again in a compassionate and loving way, so you feel connected and whole again.

  • Prices

    A de-armouring session takes on average 2,5 hrs

    The first session is 180 euro (this includes the intake and bodywork)

    Follow-up sessions are 150 euro (this includes a short talk and bodywork)

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  • Tantric De-armouring

    Transcend all I touch into one love


    During a tantric de-armouring session I use warm massage oil, where I don’t use oil in a regular de-armouring session. Therefor a tantric de-armouring is received naked. During tantric de-armouring we can work externally and internally. External de-armouring works with the outside of your body by giving pressure on various points on the body, like the yaw, the neck, the shoulders, the chest and belly, the legs etc. Internal de-armouring works with the parts of the body that we have access to with our fingers, the throat, the yoni and the anus. These are the more “advanced” areas for de-armouring. Usually the deepest trauma is at the base of the body, in the hip area, sexual area and around the buttocks; these muscles are much easier to reach from within. Internal de-armouring is possible, but can only take place after a process of preperation and in good consultation with you as the receiver. This, of course, depends on your needs and your process. De-armouring in the sexual areas is highly effective for people with sexual trauma, disorders or lack of sensitivity and numbness.

    Another difference between body de-armouring and tantric de armouring is that during tantric de-armouring I’ll use joy and pleasure to make the physical and emotional pain more bearable. So instead of just touching the pain, I use pleasure to increase the life-force energy in your body. Once this energy is increased, the release of painbody energy is carried by life-force energy. During this process I notice often expanded awareness of my clients because of the deep relaxation this creates. I gradually and carefully lift the life-force energy, as far as you and your body want to go. When pain and pleasure are increased at the same time, a deeper process unfolds.

    Internal de-armouring is extremely powerful on a physical and an energetic level. Physically you will experience more connection to, and relaxation in, your body. On a sexual level, internal de-armouring removes huge amounts of painful tension or energy that is stored there after unwanted or forced intimicy. This includes any kind of intimate experience where your boundaries were not respected, or where you were not able to express yourself. Connecting to this area allows you to give space to all the emotions, words and movements that were suppressed. This can be seen as the deepest level of de-armouring. A tantric de-armouring does not have to be internal, it can just be external on your body. You decide what your limits are and where you feel ready for.

  • Prices

    A tantric de-armouring session takes on average 2,5 hrs

    The first session is 180 euro (this includes the intake and bodywork)

    Follow-up sessions are 150 euro (this includes a short talk and bodywork)

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  • Wataflow

    Surrender to the flow and power of water and life


    Wataflow is a transformational dance in the water. A deep call to empower yourself and to connect with and welcoming all your emotions. In a Wataflow session you will be floating on the water, listening and connecting with your breath. Wataflow is a combination of gentle stretching, massage and de-armouring and once your mind switches off, a natural safe, gradual and tailored made dance in the water starts.

    You can be moved in absence of gravity and the water inside your body can connect with the outside water. Tension can be solved in this liquid space of no time and silence. You are invited to feel and embrace your fears of depth and death, and to letting go of shame and judgement. Wataflow is also about allowing the light, the pleasure, the joy, the bliss, the unconditional love and oneness. It’s about humbleness and vulnerability. an invitation to surrender to the flow and power of water and life.

    Wataflow sessions can take place in the lagoon of Praia da Amoreira, close to Aljezur, or in a swimming pool or lake at your place. If you like to experience a Wataflow session, please let me know, so we can discuss the possibilities.

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  • Stress & Tension Releasing Experience

    Shake it off - naturally


    Come and enjoy this liberating experience to release your body from stress, tension or trauma. Join Ilona in this 2,5 hours Stress & Tension Releasing Experience (STRE) to shake it all of. If it's physical tension just built up or chronic tension, this method is a powerful way to bring your body into the natural state of relaxation. It will be a great support in your life!

    During this workshop you will learn a method that helps your body to remove patterns of deep (chronic) muscle tension caused by stress and trauma. By following the method in combination with your breath, a natural reflexive mechanism of vibration is activated in a safe way in muscle and connective tissue. It helps your body to release tension and calms your nervous system, so your body can go back to the natural state of relaxation and balance.

    In principle, yoga, STRE and de-armouring do the same: free yourself from emotional and physical pain. They are complementary to each other. The biggest difference is that you have to do the work yourself with yoga and STRE, and with de-armouring Ilona invites and helps your body to let go of the tension or pain.

    Ilona is facilitating STRE in workshops, for couples and individual sessions, depending on your needs and wishes.








    - Brene Brown -

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