Cause of armour

"De-armouring literally means letting go of your harnas. It is about releasing emotional and physical harnas that we gather during life experiences, so we can go back to our natural state of relaxation and balance."

Armour is building up in the body through (childhood) trauma, the experience of emotional situations, fears, painful experiences in live, emotional wounds from (sexual) relationships, karmic pain etc. Also daily stress can cause body armour. We can look at armour as the painbody which is still holding all the unprocessed, unspoken matters, trauma or pain. Usually you don’t feel it, but it does affect you. It is the sum of the unspoken words, all your suppressed emotions, and all the times you turned yourself away, or you have not done something because you were unable (freeze state) to react. 

Everybody has armour in the body to some degree. And if people feel happy with their lives it's ok. But most of the time people experience numbness, or they feel that they are holding back, their lives are not really flowing or their sexuality is not as they long for. De-armouring also works if you are suffering from trauma, like sexual, physical or emotional abuse, illness, physical accidents, mourning processes etc.

De-armouring is a combination of triggerpoint therapy, energy (meridian)work, Reiki, breath, sound and muscle stretching in a Shamanic way of working with your body. It is a soft method to relax and open your body, so the stored blockages, tension, pain, or emotional trauma can be released in a loving and caring way. Instead of breaking or pushing through armour, I invite your body to open up. The Gaia Method is also known as a "soft touch" method. Always with respect to you and your body. 

"De-armouring brings loving attention to areas of tension, numbness and disconnection. It is about welcoming the rejected parts of you that want to be expressed, released and integrated in a compassionate and loving way."