"Having someone who is able to create a space, welcoming and safe, so I can open up and tap into uncomfortable emotions is a confronting but liberating process. I could experience this through Ilona's soft and gentle touch in her session. She navigated on my body to different points which helped me bringing more awareness to the blockaged energy in that area. Beside feeling some light sensations and tingeling, I could mainly observe what was triggered on an emotional and mental level feeling it, breathing into it and giving it the attention it needed to be accepted and released. For me it felt as subtile work, but with a wide spectrum of what can be touched on. If I could, I would have loved to work again with her, to go deeper, but this is kept for another time. With love."

- Lars, Switserland -

"It was a deeply healing experience, loads of release in a beautifully safely hold space that allowed for that. During the session Ilona was deeply dedicated to my process, fully present and loving. I feel like it opened new depths of connecting with my body and letting go of stuck emotions and also connecting to pleasure. Thank you."

- Aga, Poland -

"De-armouring with Ilona was a gentle yet deep experience. From the whole beginning I felt safe and supported in a beautifully prepared space. Ilona was present and aligned with my body. I felt a lot of energy flowing through her fingers. Was quite amazing how Ilona knew that I will have a sore neck afterwards even if I didn't feel any pain during the massage. The session was energetically deep and I would like to repeat it, trusting the intuition of Ilona fully. I can highly recommend this session as trustworthy and professional as well as loving and generous."

- Agni Chandra, Poland -

"Ilona's treatments are highly recommended for anyone who feels that continuing in the same way you have always done is no longer working. That a positive change may take place. Ilona's de-armouring sessions are a positive catalyst for your body and your state of mind. She is a loving gentle woman who makes you feel safe and secure. In a beautiful and safe space she gives her treatments with lots of love and attention. Without judgement she helped me to go through pieces of sadness, pain and anger. She also spends a lot of time and energy on the care after the treatments. I now have had several sessions with Ilona and I can tell you that a lot has been transformed in me. I now experience much more energy, cheerfulness, zest for life and a more positive self-image."

- Vincent, The Netherlands -

"Ilona is an extremely sensitive woman devoted to her mission and her personal transformation journey is reflected in the quality of her therapy. I rely on Ilona for de-armouring my body."

- Iolanda, Portugal -

"It's been a few weeks now, through a recommendation I came across Ilona. This experience was unique and very healing on many levels. Without knowing what I was really getting myself into, levels in my consciousness were touched that had been completely hidden. Old things were worked through and new things were created. Dear Ilona, thank you for this profound experience that is still triggering processes in me today."

- Theo, Germany -

"Receiving a de-armouring session was something that sounded a bit scary to me at first. I didn't know what to expect and if it was for me. Ilona took the time to have a long call with me before we even made an appointment. In her emphatic, honest and loving way she held space for my uncertainty and questions and in the end it felt good and right to say yes to a session. The warm and genuine feeling of how Ilona holds space continued during our personal encounter. In a clear and slow way, she made sure to talk me through the principles of de-armouring before we started. That helped my mind relax. Soon my body could relax too. I felt safe at any time. Throughout the session it felt like a beautiful co-work between my body and Ilona's professional guidance. It felt like work on a deep level that happened. I felt closer to myself and more in my heart immediately afterwards. I felt like I finally found the key to helping my body slowly slowly shift out of trauma mode and into a feeling of safety within. Of coming back to being alive. There was a deep gratefulness for having found Ilona and this type of work. I finally felt like someone "got me". It was no question for me, that this was just the start of a longer de-armouring process with Ilona ♥."

- Stella, Switserland -

"Due to my persistent and increasing back pain, I ended up on the yoga mat with Ilona. After the gym with the large groups, the yoga class with Ilona was a relief. A small group, quiet start and all the attention. I immediately felt at ease. Both in the group and with Ilona herself. After class she took the time for a chat or some tips. In short, very personal. And so I found out that she also is guiding holistic therapy. She invited me to talk further about this over a cup of tea. During this conversation it came to light that I was (unconsciously) struggling with a number of issues. I decided to start with a program of holistic therapy. Through the conversations I got more insight into myself and the choices I had made up to that point. It helped me a lot to talk about this with Ilona. She is very loving and doesn't judge, that makes you dare to be vulnerable. In one way or another she always asks the right questions, which brings you closer to the core and to yourself. I received a de-armouring session and experienced this treatment as very special and very intense. To surrender to the process and let my body speak has been a very special experience for me. Ilona guides this very professionally, but above all very lovingly and with great attention. The combination of the conversations and the de-armouring sessions have started a process in which I started to look at myself differently. I dare to face things. I also took a decision that was difficult for me. The outcome of this has given me more insight into myself and my needs. Through the yoga I have become physically stronger. My back pain has not completely disappeared, but I can now do much more than a year ago and the sharp pain is less. I am very happy with that and this process is still continuing."

- Linda, The Netherlands -

"I can still feel the effects and influences of the de-armouring session I received from Ilona. I am in a process of self-acceptance and self-love and it feels like a lot is changing within me. I want to feel and integrate what makes me free and loving and to let go of what is no longer serving me, what prevents me from feeling what I felt during the session. I felt free and connected to the universe, I felt like a floating, expanding something, full of peace and love for me and everything that touches my life. I touch activated a great amount of trust in me and I felt this unconditional love, to which I was allowed to show all my pain and emotions and completely lost the fear of being judged or condemned for it. I experienced anger and I can accept it today more than before and I feel that it dissolves more and more.

The memory of the feeling during the session helps me to recognize and feel that I am much more than these emotions. That I can be everything without judging myself. That I am connected and protected. I feel a lot of gratitude and love towards Ilona for guiding me to look inside myself. And even if there are moments of doubt, I feel that the love for me and for everything around is manifesting and spreading more and more in me and that is wonderful!"

- Love Richard, Germany -