About Ilona

"Having been on my own healing journey and transformation, I love to empower others to do the same by creating a sacred space of unconditional presence and truth, where I invite and welcome all and everything that you are."

Ilona is a certified bodyworker with a lots of experience in the field of holistic therapy, de-armouring, sexual healing, emotional release and yoga. Ilona started out as a yoga teacher and later more divers trainings such as Holistic Therapy, Reiki, De-armouring, Sexual Healing, shifting consciousness, Wataflow and then the Shamanic path: her intuition became her guide. Her astral travels started at the age of 7, but the training at the Monroe Institute brought her childhood experiences in a different perspective. She lives in Portugal after enjoying a nomadic lifestyle and travelling in a van with her family for a few years. Last year she lived at a Shamanic Healing Centre where she assisted in sweat lodges and sacred plant medicine journeys. She has a deep connection with the power of life and death through her astral travelling.

"I believe that all power comes from within, from the source. Not from within you as an individual being, but from your spirit that is connected to a greater wisdom. All the power in your life comes through you. There is nothing outside of us that has any power over us."

In her sessions she guides you in your journey so you can connect deeper with yourself and your body. She fuses love, joy and depth with an open heart and loving presence. A journey to welcome the rejected parts in you to be expressed in a compassionate and loving way. Ilona helps you to integrate fear, numbness, pain, shame or guilt so that you can experience more love for yourself and your life, fulfilling intimacy and life force energy. Ilona is curious and she's constantly deepening her knowledge and experience to support others more fully in their journeys. 

On top of pursuing the art of touch and presence, she's very compassionate to live her life in connection with our true nature. 

Ilona has followed trainings at the following teachers and organizations which inspired her to grow and develop her own way of guiding: 

- Hatha Yoga (Netherlands)
- Yoga for children - Jip & Jan Academy (Netherlands)
- Holistic Therapy (Reiki master) - ZoMa Opleidingen (Netherlands)
- Sexual Healing and de-armouring - Gaia Method - Susanne Roursgaard (Netherlands)
- Full-Body De-armouring - Gaia Method - Susanne Roursgaard (Netherlands)
- Gateway Voyage - Monroe Institute - Rolf Nuyts (Belgium)
- Female Sexuality and Self De-armouring - Susanne Roursgaard (Netherlands)
- Wataflow - Oceano Salvatore Russo (Ibiza)
- Practioner Training - Gaia Method - Susanne Roursgaard (Netherlands)
- Shamanic Path & Keepers of the four Elements - Temple of the Earth (Portugal)
- Tantra Massage Training - Pola Vida (Portugal)

"It is my mission to support women and men to (re)connect with their body, help to transform patterns, blockages, belief systems and trauma, so you can live the life you desire."