When the body says "no"


"I see the human being as a physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual whole, in which everything is inextricably connected."

As a Holistic therapist and bodyworker, I believe it is no coincidence that people become sick or develop symptoms. I see the human being as a physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual whole, in which everything is inextricably connected. If disturbance occurs in one or more of these areas, it will also affect others. This can give a feeling of imbalance or lead to physical complaints. In this blog I would like to share how I see this and what my experiences are. 

Often the cause of a physical complaint is not immediately identifiable. It may be that physical symptoms are an expression of unprocessed (traumatic)experiences. Every person, yes really every person, carries old wounds with them, emotions such as grief or pain that affect our lives, but of which we do not immediately know the cause. There may even be emotions in our body that we no longer perceive, because we have pushed them so far away and they have been in our system for so long that they seem to belong to the 'furniture'. And we are all consciously or unconsciously lived by programming from these emotions and our childhood or earlier in life. 

Your body is a wonderful instrument. Yes, read that again ... your body is a wonderful instrument that works perfectly. It lets you feel what is good for you and what is not (anymore). Your body also shows you directly what is going on in your head and what the effect of that is. For your head it doesn't matter whether a thought is true. Your head makes no distinction in this. In short, if you have nice thoughts, you feel good. If you have less nice thoughts, you get a bad feeling. Because imagine what happens if you go to work every day while you actually want something else for a long time? From your beliefs, your truth, that you are responsible for your family, etc. But, how true is all that and what price are you paying for it? Where your head has a limited overview of mainly your thoughts, your body has the real overview. 

"Your body usually lets you subtly, but really feel what is good for you. And you may trust that."

However, we are so used tousing our heads and are often taught that that is where the wisdom is. Because of this, people lose contact with their bodies. And even though the body sounds the alarm by giving all kinds of signals such as headaches, fatigue, insomnia, abdominal complaints, persistent agitation, etc., these are ignored with distraction or suppressed with things like coffee, alcohol etc. In addition, we are all, consciously or unconsciously, lived by programming from our childhood. Often things go well for a long time, until the body puts a stop to you. And that is often the moment that people become ill and are forced to slow down and make changes in their lives.

Suppose your body has so much wisdom that it "tells" you exactly what is good for you? That you trust this wisdom and not what is going on in your head? Could it then still be that your body says 'stop, up to here and no further'. And that while your mind is telling you to go on, just a little longer, later it will probably be better ... That your body decides not to cooperate and lets you feel that through a physical reaction or pain response. How would it be to ask yourself what a complaint or pain reaction has to tell you? And how you were able to develop this complaint? Where in your life are you still going through and saying "yes" when you really should be saying "no", or vice versa. And how would it be to ask yourself if you are choosing from fear or from love? What do YOU want the most? 

"How would it be to ask yourself if you are choosing from fear or from love?" 

It is common, when you experience physical symptoms, to want them to disappear. We often want a solution as quickly as possible. A visit to the doctor may result in a prescription for medication or a referral to a physiotherapist. We want to get rid of it as soon as possible, so we can continue. The result is that we continue on the same path. But your body tells you exactly which direction to go. And your body indicates through the pain that it would like a change. The pain becomes worse when we do not respond to it. It is your body that is "talking" to you, so to speak, indicating that the energy is not flowing, that you are not flowing. It is a perfect compass. By focusing on the cause of the physical complaint you take your body and yourself seriously and learn to trust your inner compass. Choosing a different path is exciting. It can evoke feelings of uncertainty, helplessness and even fear. Like the fear of losing people or material possessions. And sometimes the uncertainty is so great that continuing to do what we have always done seems easier and safer. Swallowing a pill is then an easy solution. And even though that may not feel comfortable, it seems safe. Out of fear of losing. But gradually we lose another connection, the one with ourselves. Our trust in our body's self-healing ability and the strength we all naturally possess. People who come to my practice get more connected to themselves and rediscover who they essentially are. They come home to themselves again. 

"I invite and challenge you to make room for your own unique talents, deeper insights, your intuition and your strength." 

My mission is to guide people in this inward process, to your own wisdom and essence. What makes you happy, how do you move in your body and where do you feel the connection with your inner power? And what keeps you from following your heart? With attention to you, your body, (old) patterns and beliefs that you have and the mirrors around you. I invite and challenge you to make room for your own unique talents, deeper insights, your intuition and your strength. Sometimes a confronting road, but also the most beautiful road you can take. It is the way to connect with yourself and the world around you. So that you are your own authentic self. Complete. Alive. Sparkling. Powerful. 

Love, Ilona